FIRST PITCH/Brand system

Art Direction: Sarah Yacko
*Designed while working for Concentrek

The term “Opening Day” for baseball fans means the first game of the season. An important day for Toledo Ohio and the Mud Hens. So too for Concentrek/Konvert and Polaris Logistics Group because it means the annual Mud Hens Opening Day Party duly named “First Pitch”. Where, both companies invited clients to join together for a day of food and fun. Our Downtown office across the street from the Fifth Third Stadium provided the perfect location for the game. So, while branding party materials I keeping in mind some of the visuals cues like Concentrek’s red logo and Polaris’s Blue. As well as the patriotism of America’s National sport—Baseball.

Logo Design


Rejected Logos


Large poster and Small poster

19-FTP-001 Large and Small Poster FINAL.jpg

Snap Chat + Eblast

19-FTP-001 Snapchat and Eblast FINAL.jpg

Table Tent + Name tags

19-FTP-001 Table Tent and Name Tags FINAL.jpg